Summer Austrian Seminar 2013
Economics of the Eurozone
September 13-15 2013, Hotel Ameliówka (Mąchocice, Poland)

1. About 2013 Summer Austrian Seminar
2. Speakers
3. Program of the Seminar
4. Fee and payment
5. Registration
6. Contact and travel tips
7. Sponsors and partners

1. About 2013 Summer Austrian Seminar

Summer Austrian Seminar is a three day long series of lectures and discussions about different aspects of the Austrian Economics. We hope that the lectures of some of the best Austrian economists from Poland and Europe will be a starting point of lively discussions. The formula of the seminar is based on the Viennese seminars of Ludwig von Mises – focused on debate and discussion, open for professional scholars as well as interested laymen.

The main subject of the Seminar will be the eurozone. Creation of the euro area provoked a debate between Austrian School economists. Jesús Huerta de Soto cherished euro as an end of monetary nationalism and a small step towards the return to the gold standard. On the other hand, Philipp Bagus in his Tragedy of the euro made the case, that eurozone is in fact a mechanism of public debt monetization. Is a union of central banks a better institutional arrangement than many national central banks? Can central banks compete against each other in production of a sound money? Should Poland or Czech Republic join the eurozone?

During the Seminar we would like to try to answer these and similar questions. We would like to discuss current economic downturn in Europe as well – to look closer at its roots and evaluate public policy that should be implemented to fight the crisis. All lectures will be in English. We hope the Seminar will be a great opportunity for people from all over Europe to discuss Austrian Economics and the eurozone crisis.

2. Speakers

  • dr Nikolay Gertchev – European Comission
  • dr David Howden – Saint Louis University, Madrid Campus
  • dr Mateusz Machaj – Uniwersytet Wrocławski
  • dr David Sanz Bas – Universidad Católica de Ávila
  • dr Radosław Wojtyszyn
  • Mateusz Benedyk – Uniwersytet Wrocławski
  • Maciej Bitner – Uniwersytet Warszawski
  • Michał Gamrot – Uniwersytet Łódzki
  • Stanisław Kwiatkowski
  • Jan Lewiński – Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny we Wrocławiu
  • Jakub Bożydar Wiśniewski – King’s College, University of London

3. Program of the Seminar

Day I – Friday, September 13

      13.00–15.00 Registration
      15.00–16.00 Lunch
      16.15–17.15 Lecture: Crisis in Iceland (Dr David Howden)
      17:15-17:45 Coffee break
      17.45–18.45 Lecture: Crisis in Spain (dr David Sanz Bas)
      19.00–19.45 Dinner
      20.00–21:00 Presentation of the report: Should Poland Join the Eurozone?
      21:00– Banquet and discussions

Day II – Saturday, September 14

      08.45–09.30 Breakfast
      09.45–10.45 Lecture: Monetary Nationalism and the Euro (Jan Lewiński)
      10.45–11.00 Coffee break
      11.00–12.00 Lecture: Debt deflation and liquidationism (dr Mateusz Machaj)
      12.00–12.30 Coffee break
      12.30–13.30 Lecture: Fractional Reserve Banking and Inter-government Cooperation: the Case of the Euro Area (dr Nikolay Gertchev)
      14.00–15.00 Dinner
      15.30–16.30 Lecture: Winners and Losers of Eurozone Unemployment. A Review of Possible Reasons (Stanisław Kwiatkowski)
      16.30–16.45 Coffee break
      16.45–18.00 Discussion panel: Fractional Reserve Banking (Nikolay Gertchev, David Howden, Maciej Bitner, Michał Gamrot)
      18.15–19.15 Supper
      19.30–20:30 Lecture: Legal Problems of the Bank Bailouts and ECB’s Actions after 2008 (dr Radosław Wojtyszyn)
      20.30–21:00 Presentation of the report: Ten years of Instytut Misesa
      21:00– Spare time, discussions

Day III – Sunday, September 15

      08.45–09.30 Breakfast
      09.45–10.45 Lecture: Two Visions of the European Debt Crisis (Michał Gamrot)
      10.50–11.50 Lecture: Are Pensions in Europe Safe? (Maciej Bitner)
      11.50–12.30 Coffee break
      12.30–13.30 Lecture: Does Austerity in Europe Equal Spending Cuts? (Mateusz Benedyk)
      13.30–14.30 Lunch
      14.30–15.30 Lecture: Optimal Currency Area Theory: an Austrian Critique (Jakub Bożydar Wiśniewski)
      15.30 End of the Seminar

4. Fee and payment

The Seminar is for 60-70 guests. To take part in the Seminar you need to:
1. Fill in registration form online. You will receive an e-mail message confirming the registration within two days.
2. Pay 200 PLN (approximately 50 EUR) within a week from the day you got a message confirming the registration (you can send the money to our bank account or send it to our Pay Pal account – you will receive all the details in a message from us). This first installment is non-refundable in case you resign from coming to the Seminar.
3. Pay the rest of the fee until August 25, 2013.
4. Registration and payment after August 25 are possible only if there are still places available (please ask via e-mail).

  • Fee for taking part in the Seminar (2 nights in a hotel, meals, additional materials): 590 PLN (approximately 140 EUR)

5. Registration

Go to the registration form: 2013 Summer Austrian Seminar Registration

6. Contact and travel tips

Organization of the event: Mateusz Benedyk, e-mail: click, to see the e-mail

Summer Austrian Seminar will be held at Ameliówka Hotel. Hotel address: 26-001 Masłów, Mąchocice 176, tel: +48 41 311 07 99, e-mail: hotel@ameliowka.pl

GPS: N: 50° 53′ 51″ E: 20° 46′ 54″

Map of the area:

There are three airports (Kraków, Katowice, Warszawa) in a roughly equal distance (200 km) from the hotel. We believe the best option is to fly to Kraków and then take a bus to Kielce (bus travel takes around 2-3 hours). Ameliówka Hotel is 12 km from Kielce so we advise to take a taxi there.

7. Sponsors and partners














  • Jeśli ktoś walczy o wolny rynek i wolną konkurencję, nie staje w obronie tych, którzy są już bogaci, lecz zabiega o swobodę działania dla anonimowych ludzi, którzy niebawem zostaną przedsiębiorcami, a ich pomysłowość sprawi, że życie przyszłych pokoleń stanie się lżejsze. Ludwig von Mises
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